The Business Strategy

Hydrogen is emerging as the natural replacement for fossil fuels in industries, process and heating, and in the transport sectors

We deliver economical solutions and implement projects in a wide range of geographic and political environments.


As a small, experienced and focused team we can maintain an economic structure around a base project and to source and develop strategic partners to ensure each project is both structured and supported to provide a successful outcome.

Working with worldwide and local partners we can bring experience supported by the latest technologies to provide the expected results.

We make sure risk is managed appropriately to ensure an optimum funding structure.


We structure the project to maximise the value and source the necessary funding (equity & debt) for construction.

Maximising value for all stakeholders is at the core of our strategy.


We implement projects as opportunities become available and conditions are correct.

Project Pipeline

We are now pursuing several projects in Europe, namely in Spain, UK, Germany, Portugal and Greece.


Spain is rather advanced, and it is the first project we intend to develop to financial close and further into the construction and operation stages.

It is our intention to use proven technologies existing in the market which are bankable and can provide the necessary guarantees of performance.

For the first project we will employ pyrolysis as it is the most experienced advanced thermal treatment in the market, with many plants in operation and many technology providers having their own proprietary process. Pyrolysis produces mainly the pyrolysis oil that can be used to return to the plastic processing.

Other projects may use the same technology or gasification as an alternative, which in such case, the aim is to produce hydrogen that has a high demand in the European markets.

Typical Project Timeline