The Team

We are an experienced team of engineers based in Germany, Spain & the UK.

Our references include the renewable energy sector, as well as the waste, water and energy sectors.

Our past projects span across these sectors and have provided us with a global network of technical partners.

We have a high amount of experience in project finance non-recourse.

Horacio Carvalho, Chairman

Horacio is Portuguese born with extensive principal investment experience in property development, hotels, power generation, climate change and waste recycling projects around the world.

Luis Sanchez Angrill, CEO

Luis earned his degree in power engineering at The University of Catalonia. 25 years experience in Waste to Energy, holding leading & board positions.

Wolfgang Menapace, COO

Wolfgang received a MSc in Mechanical Engineering at University of Erlangen. Various positions at Siemens in international energy projects. His cultural experience includes large part of Asia and the US.

Armando Ferro, CTO

Armando is a Mechanical Engineer with international experience in projects. Project Director/ Project Manager in various projects in materials handling, O&G, wastewater, waste management,  energy production, and renewables.

Zeus Gargallo Pardal, BD

Mr. Gargallo holds a degree in business psychology and marketing. Founder of a leading company in Spain with marketing activities in sports centres. Founder of Ultrapush. More than 10 years in the sales and marketing sector.

Larissa Urban, PD

Larissa has 15+ years experience in developing business and projects internationally in the energy and logistics sector. She has lived and worked in  Europe, Middle East and North America.

Renewable Power & Biomass

Jantus - Aeolus Wind Farms, Brazil 2007 | €400m

220 MW distributed in 6 Wind Farms, equipped with Suzlon Turbines and a 20 year PPA with Electrobras.

Biovasf - Petrolina, Brazil 2006 | €20m

Soy and castor crushing factories in an industrial complex owned by Biovasf. Situated in Petrolina – Rio de Sāo Francisco, river barge fed with feedstock (soy & castor).

BEN, Brazil 2008 | €30m

Thermo Electric Biomass Plant, fuelled by Elephant Grass with 30 MW capacity. Totally  integrated with Plantation and Power Plant as well as substation.

Piratini - Wood Chips Power Plant, Brazil 2004 | €25m

10 MW Wood Chip Power Plant located at Piratini in Rio Grande do Sul, supplied with biomass from local mills.

Waste & Water Management

FINALTAIR, Spain 1998 | €25m

Waste management plant in Valencia with 10 MW based on Rankine cycle. Mainly using industrial waste from car manufacturing facilities and others.

Frielas - Loures, Portugal 1999 | €45m

Waste Water Treatment Plant with a capacity and a production of 5 MW from biogas.

TERSA - Barcelona, Spain 1999 | €5m

37 MW Waste to Energy  Plant based on Rankine Cycle. Diverse  actuations to increase plant efficiency and power output. MRF, AD and RDF waste to energy facility with electricity and DHC.

Neath Port Talbot, United Kingdom 2002 | €45m

Fully integrated Waste to Energy Plant with a capacity of 180.000 Tons of Domestic Waste producing 5 MW of energy RDF-Refuse Derived Fuel.

Power Generation

Turbogas S.A., Portugal 1998 | €600m

1st Combined Cycle Gas Turbine Power Plant with 1000 MW capacity built at Tapada do Outeiro, Portugal with Siemens technology as an anchor for the introduction of Natural Gas to Portugal.

Fuji Electric, Japan 1993 | €80m

1st Combined Cycle Gas Turbine Power Plant with 64 MW Capacity built at Kawasaki Factory with Siemens technology. The application was: Fuji Gas Turbine Research Centre and supply of peaking power to TEPCO.

Electrobras Power, Brazil 2003 | €80m

Five Emergency Power Plants built at different sites in the Ceara State to cope with the Emergency Power crisis in Brazil, ranging from 20 MW to 5 MW each, totalling 135 MW.

EPDC / J-Power, Japan 1998 | €50m

600 MW ultra-supercritical coal-fired  steam power plant in the Yokohama harbour area. Siemens HMN steam turbine, in cooperation with Fuji Electric, successful operation during earthquake, record efficiencies.