The plastic waste problem

8 million tons of plastics discharged to the ocean every year

There are over 150 million tons of plastics in the ocean currently

In the UK, plastic waste from MSW, was (in 2016) 2.3MT with 610K tonnes being exported to Poland, Turkey, and many countries in Asia.

The UK plastic waste recycling target for 2020 is 57%. This target includes plastics being exported. As such, exported volume is considered as for recycling. However, exporting of plastic waste will tend to diminish and one of the reasons for this is higher demand and tighter specification / contamination levels.


The plastic waste problem in Spain and in Germany is of a similar proportional dimension.


Resero Advanced Ecofuel’s proposal for converting plastic waste into valuable products such as oils and syngas / hydrogen will represent a very attractive way of contributing to the resolution of a serious and growing problem.


By using Pyrolysis, 1 tonne of plastic waste can be converted into 800 litres of bio-oil at ~$550.00USD per tonne

per tonne


By using Gasification, 1 tonne of plastic waste can be converted into as much as 50 to 95 Kg of H2 at >€6.00 per Kg

per tonne